Binary Relations: An Interactive Diagram


  • Click and drag to create new edges
  • Selected edges are marked by dotted lines
  • To delete edges, select and edge and press Delete
  • Edges can only be drawn from the Domain to the Co-Domain
This is a simple interactive diagram created to help students in discrete math recognize and test different types of binary relations.


  • Function: less than or equal to 1 arrow out
  • Surjective: greater than or eqaul to 1 arrow in
  • Total: greater than or equal to 1 arrow out
  • Injective: less than or equal to 1 arrow in
  • Bijective: 1 arrow out and 1 arrow in
These conditional statements verify if there is at most or at least one arrow going in or out of a node. Edges can only come out of the Domain and end in the Co-Domain.


Injective Relation
Surjective Relation
Function Relation
Total Relation
Bijective Relation

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Created by Christopher Geier and Hamza Ilyas using D3